Ibrahim Babangida And Mamman Vatsa: Nigeria’s Most Intriguing Story of Friendship, Trust & Betrayal

April 18, 2017


WHEN THE GOING WAS GOOD: Two jolly friends, Babangida and Vatsa.

MILITARY LINE: Major -General Mamman Jiya Vatsa with Babangida, Idiagbon and Buhari.

Major-General Mamman Jiya

The friendship of Nigeria’s military president, General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida and the late soldier and poet, Major-General Mamman Jiya is one that has captured the imagination of millions of Nigerians, and kept not a few tongues wagging. Their story is a very interesting one indeed, and you might be shocked to know some things.

On the 5th of March, 1986, Lt. General Domkat Bali, the Minister of Defence of the Nigerian military government and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, GCON made an announcement to the Nigerian nation and it was not a nice one at all. He said that nine military officers have been tried, convicted and that they had been sentenced to death by a Special Military Tribunal for plotting to violently overthrow the Babangida regime, a junta less than 100 days in power. The cold announcement to a shell-shocked nation actually came two hours AFTER the officers had been secretly executed by the regime. General Bali said in his broadcast:

In the military, the penalty for treason is death. 

The late Major-General Mamman Jiya Vatsa. Photo credits: maxsiollun.wordpress.com

One of those condemned under the newly-enacted Treason & Other Related Offences (Special Military Tribunal) Decree No 1 of 1986 was none other than Vatsa, the amiable friend of the military president. He was accused alongside others of plotting to overthrow Babangidas government. Vatsas wife later insisted that this decree was signed on the 6th of January, 1986, days after Vatsa and others were arrested. The plot itself was said to have been uncovered in December 1985.

Nigerians were shocked. Many thought it was a huge joke, and thought that even if many of the alleged conspirators were to be executed, some of the most senior officers, especially Vatsa would be spared, considering the very close relationship he had with the Commander-in-Chief. They were wrong. In fact, the announcement came one hour AFTER Vatsa and all others were executed. Till today, many Nigerians are still shocked. But why?

The friendship of the duo dated back to their childhood. In 1959, both of them met at the Government College, Bida in Niger State where they were admitted to study. Born just eight months apart and both hailing from Niger State (Vatsa was Nupe while Babangida is Gwari), both of them became fond of each other and quickly became friends. Both of them shared an interest in joining the military and in 1962, both of them were recruited into the Nigerian Army same day. Together, they also attended the Indian Military School in 1964. When the Nigerian Civil War broke out in 1967, they were also at the warfront together.

Their friendship continued and when Vatsa got married to Safiya, his Efik wife from Calabar, the best man on the wedding day was Ibrahim Babangida. When it was also the turn of Babangida to get married to Maryam in 1969, Vatsa was also his right-hand man -in fact, it was Vatsa who mounted the military ceremonial horse.

ROYAL COUPLE: Mamman and Safiya on the traditional wedding day.

WEDDING THINGS: Babangida (2L) with the Vatsa couple. Photo credits: North Central Democratic Vanguard.

However, it must be pointed out that contrary to what many believe, the late Vatsa was not the best man at IBBs wedding. According to a commemorative edition published in October 2001 to celebrate IBBs 60th birthday (which he earlier celebrated in Saudi Arabia in August), Vatsa was actually one of the four masters of ceremony when IBB married Maryam on the 6th of September, 1969, it was a Saturday. And just for the records, the best men during IBBs wedding were two army majors: YY Kure and A. Waziri.

HISTORIC: Babangida signs the marriage documents certifying Safiya (nee Nwaeza Onwuka) as a married woman. Vatsa and Safiya (extreme right) look on. According to Safiya, she did not know that Babangida was not even Mammans biological brother when she got married because the rapport between the two was just too excellent. She went further to explain in a July 2006 with The News magazine that whenever IBB was on foreign military assignment, it was Vatsa that took care of Maryam (IBBs wife) and his family. She added that in addition to mounting the martial horse on Babangidas wedding, it was Vatsa who bought the first set of furniture for Babangida and his wife as married couple. She stated that Vatsa bought the furniture set on credit from Leventis. In the words of Jubril, Vatsa’s son: It is ironic that it was the same man who launched my mother into womanhood by signing their marriage register was the same person that also signed her into widowhood. Photo credits: North Central Democratic Vanguard.

CACKLES: Babangida, Vatsa and his new wife share a hearty laughter at the marriage registry. Photo credits: Nigeria History Channel.  

Throughout the trial for the alleged coup plotters, Mamman Vatsa maintained his innocence. Shortly before he was executed, Vatsa was reported to have sent a message to his wife from where he was incarcerated, saying:

A former minister of the Federal Capital Territory (that made Vatsa one of the most powerful figures in the Babangida administration), it was under Vatsas administration that the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) acquired their piece of land. Vatsa was an accomplished author. 


THE DICTATOR: Official Portrait of General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida As Military President.

Following the announcement of the military tribunals decision to execute Vatsa and others, several individuals decided to intervene and plead on behalf of the alleged coup plotters. Some of those that went to IBB at Dodan Barracks in Lagos (then the base of power) were the trio of Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe and John Pepper Clark-Bekederemo (JP Clark). They pleaded with the dictator for mercy for Vatsa (who was also a poet). But what happened afterwards?

ALL FOR VATSA: The trio of Clark, Achebe and Soyinka at the Dodan Barracks on a humanitarian visit to Babangida. Soyinka would later accuse IBB of betraying him over the Vatsa issue. Photo credits: NigeriansTalk

See some of Vatsa’s works below:

IBB smiled and told the three of them that the necks of Vatsa and others would be saved. He expressed that his hands were tied, in that there are military rules to be followed and that it also involved his own very good friend but he assured the three great writers that he would be merciful. Soyinka, Achebe and Clark were not just relieved and grateful to the dictator, they were also very pleased their mission was going to be a resounding success. In fact, Clark was so excited that he told the other two that they should celebrate all night. However, Soyinka had to leave for Abeokuta that day so he turned down the offer. They all left Dodan Barracks in high spirits.

COLLEAGUES: Joe Garba and Mamman Vatsa

Unknown to these giants of literature, the general was just deceiving them through his the gap of his teeth. Soyinka had barely reached his residence when he got the message that Vatsa and others had been executed. Soyinka and others who had begged IBB shortly before were not only disappointed, they were devastated. Soyinka was so shocked that he could not meet with those IBB sent to explain why the execution had to occur. In 2006, Soyinka revealed the wound in his heart in his memoir, You Must Set Forth At Dawn, where he expressed his disgust at Babangidas betrayal. Soyinka said:

Soyinka explained further that a young man who claimed that he worked at the Dodan Barracks and that his half-brother was among those that were executed explained that he had sent a message earlier to Soyinka that in the council, IBB was forced to sign the warrant by others and that that they had told IBB that Oga, if you cant sign this then step aside. What Soyinka does not really understand about this was whether the man was lying or he was being lied to so as to exonerate Babangida because the young man was not present at the meeting. Soyinka enunciated:

The trial was in a haste and the execution was speedily done. It must also be stated at this point that apart from the trio mentioned above, the late Professor Omo Omoruyi also attempted to appeal on behalf of the convicted plotters. A long-time ally of IBB (although he would later cry out that IBB abandoned him when he was battling prostate cancer which later killed him), Omoruyi initially believed that IBB would free the convicts, especially when Babangida appointed him to draft a speech with verses from the Holy Quran and the Holy Bible preaching the virtue of forgiveness for culprits. Omoruyi had barely finished the needless assignment when news also reached him that Vatsa and others had been killed. Omoruyi was so petrified with fear that he did not even ask Babangida why they were killed. He was wondering what a man who signed the death warrant of his very good friend would do to him, an ordinary political scientists that Babangida had met at the  National Institute for Policy & Strategic Studies (NIPSS) at Kuru, near Jos, Plateau State. Thus, he kept his mouth shut.

IBB would later say thus:

I am happy he has been my friend, and I have no regret being his friend. There are a lot of things I know but it is not in my character to go about saying certain things. He is not alive, so I will be unfair to talk about him, the best I could do is to pray for him. He has children, he has a wife and grandchildren. I dont want to get involved because I cherish the relationship. However, I fervently pray that one day his children will grow up and know exactly what happened.


I dont want to sow the seed of discord in the mind of the children because some of them were toddlers when these events occurred so it will create a permanent enmity and by my faith you dont hold them responsible for what he did or what I did. That is the way I look at it, so you will not hear me talking much about it. But out of curiosity I asked for the documents and I have six volumes just on the case. I read through them and I was satisfied. I just closed them and kept the document away. I just wanted to make sure that I did not do what I am accused of doing. I have documents attached to this case. Besides in that coup, Vatsa is not the only one executed, there were 13 of them that were executed, may be they were not prominent but all lives are important as far as I am concerned. I am satisfied that we did not do anything in malice or hatred. In 1976 they published a similar story about Abdul Wayas. Everybody will say his own or her own has not committed anything. I know one officer even said he had strong evidence that Abdul Wayas was innocent. So I think it is a question of time, those who were in the supreme military council ordered over 60 of them to be executed but there are certain people, including relations and well-wishers who believed that certain key officers were not guilty. 

IBRAHIM BABANGIDA, army general and Nigerian military president (1985-1993) on the execution of his friend, professional colleague and companion, Mamman Jiya Vatsa in August 2006 (Weekly Trust, Aideloje O.).

“If I was involved in that coup and it flopped, I would’ve been shot too. We made the law, others suffered the consequences.” IBB on Vatsa Credits: Arewa History.

IBB also said that even his late wife, Maryam, sent a note to him while they were deliberating on the coup plotters but that he has no regrets whatsoever since they did everything according to the law (military decrees).

Mamman Vatsa with President Shehu Shagari.

LISTENING TO THE BOSS: Lt Col Mamman J. Vatsa with Late Head of State Gen Murtala … (Security briefing). # Details Classified.


On the 19th of October, 1986, one of Nigerias most talented journalists, Sumonu Oladele Baines Giwa (better known as Dele Giwa) was assassinated by a letter bomb at his Lagos home. However, shortly before his death, he had been invited to the Directorate of Military Intelligence (DMI) in Apapa, Lagos. It was suspected that Giwa had a copy of the coup trial judgement and that Newswatch was planning to publish the coup plot in very vivid details using the tribunal judgement in which Vatsa and other soldiers were sentenced to death.


Umar as the military governor of Kaduna State. Photo credits: RamalanYero.com

According to Col. Umar, Vatsa plotted. In 2000, he told the Weekly Trust in an interview:

Colonel Abubakar Dangiwa Umar was appointed the military governor of Kaduna State from August 1985 to June 1988.


Alhaji Isa Haruna Vatsa, the immediate younger brother of Vatsa said that the two soldiers were very close and weathered the storms of life together. He stated that IBB used to visit the Vatsa family home on a regular basis. He said that they were like twins and did everything together, even when they were both instructors at the Nigerian Defence Academy in Kaduna. He went further to explain that whenever IBB travelled, he would buy a pair of shoe for Vatsa and any time his brother was on a voyage, he would also reciprocate IBBs kind gesture. Alhaji Vatsa said their relationship was very cordial until the issue of coup plotting came up.

He also said that the family wants his body returned so that he could be buried properly in his ancestral land according to Islamic rites, his seized properties returned alongside all his military entitlements. That was in August 2006 and Alhaji Vatsa was a farmer and the family head being the eldest member. He complained of the poverty they have been plunged into, pointing to the lizards scurrying around the abandoned house that Vatsa had started building in the village. Weeds had taken over the building. It was a ghostly scene. The family petitioned the Obasanjo presidency to get justice for their late brother, and the Vatsa family was promised Aso Rock (Mrs. Vatsa was received by President Obasanjo at the Villa and he promised to re-open the investigation) was looking into the matter, in the words of Mrs. Remi Oyo, President Obasanjos Special Assistant on Media. (Obasanjo had a nice working relationship with Vatsa when he was the military Head of State, Vatsa was then the Commander of the Brigade of Guards).

In the words of Safiya, Vatsas wife, both IBB and Vatsa were so close that at first, he did not even know that they were not siblings. She stated that they both wore the same uniform size and that IBB was free to come to their house at any time and take whatever he needed. She said that atimes, when IBB was drunk, he would come to their home to change his beer-stained uniform to Vatsas own, even if it was by midnight. She said she complained severally to her husband of this friend who takes everything but gives nothing in return. Safiya said her husband told her bluntly to mind her business that up in the north, that is the way friends relate like brothers.


AGGRIEVED: The late Hajiya Chief Mrs Safiya Mamman Jiya Vatsa was the widow of the late Major-General Mamman Jiya Vatsa.

Less than 24 hours after IBB granted the interview where he said he had no regrets, Safiya, Vatsas widow fired back:

She also went on to say that she was not a politician and people should not misconstrue her struggle for a crusade against IBBs plan to come back to power. She also stated that she had the incriminating documents with her in Nigeria and some in European archives and that IBB killed her husband because he (Vatsa) knew everything about IBB.

Following the tragic end of Vatsa, his Efik wife, Hajia Safiya, was left alone to pick the pieces of her life while also raising her children. Many have sympathized with her while some others have been less graceful in addressing her. One of the latter is the former Field Commander of the ECOWAS Monitoring Group/Peacekeeping Force (ECOMOG), Brigadier-General John Shagaya (now Senator John Nanzip Shagaya of Plateau South Senatorial District). Shagaya told her in a 2006 interview to shut up. He said, describing Safiyas cries for justice as:

In the interview, he said he added that he did not even know why the security forces had not effected the arrest of Mrs. Vatsa and that he could not answer for Lt. Gen. Domkat Bali as he was a superior officer. Babangida had appointed Shagaya, a Tarok by ethnicity, the Federal Minister of Internal Affairs, Member of the Police Council and a Member of the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC).

Lt. General Domkat-Bali with Major-General-Mamman Vatsa

Also, in 1987 when IBB set up a committee to deliberate upon the membership of Nigeria in the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC, now called the Organization of Islamic Cooperation), Shagaya served as a chairman of the committee. Described as one of the IBB Boys, Shagaya was so loyal to IBB that Abacha recalled him from Liberia, demoted him from a Major-General to a Brigadier-General and handed him a retirement from the Nigerian Army.  Actually, when Shagaya turned 60, he gladly announced that he was proud to be called an IBB boy (he once stated that come 2007, Babangida would be President of Nigeria). It should be noted that Bali, another Tarok, resigned from the army on the 10th of January, 1990 when he was ordered to take over from Shagaya as the Interior Minister. Bali, who was the Minister of Defence, felt the role was an insult. He resigned.

In October 2007, Soyinka blasted Babangida and urged Nigerian writers not to honour him. Babangida was invited to the Nigeria Liquified Natural Gas (NLNG) Awards Night at the Muson Centre in Onikan, Lagos as the Keynote Speaker. Soyinka said IBB could have been invited to other gatherings but definitely one of writers, whom he accused IBB of even snuffing out the life of one of them (Vatsa) over trumped-up charges of coup plotting. IBB had told Safiya, Vatsas widow, that Mamman Vatsas life was not more important than that of the others and that surely infuriated the Nobel Laureate. He thundered:

A furious Soyinka later said:

IBB later flew into Lagos in a chartered jet and said that he was more than qualified to deliver the lecture and that he would not be intimidated. In his words: I am a general and I have been in the military for 32 years. Soyinka had earlier called on writers to boycott the event and they did.

Hajia Safiya Vatsa later died in Kaduna in May, 2007.


In January 2001, General Ibrahim Babangida was interviewed by ThisDay and when he was asked about his dear friend executed by his regime almost 15 years before the interview. The general launched a volley of words:

Another intriguing twist to the story is that IBB admitted that before the arrest, Vatsa had visited him to proclaim his innocence and IBB told his good friend not to worry about it since he does not believe that his very good friend will want to harm him or destabilize his government, and moreover, the plot had not even been executed yet.

In May 2001, amidst rumours that he was planning to run for the presidency, Babangida embarked on the ambitious project of constructing a library and museum at his Minna residence. In addition to that, there will be a website too. These were to document all the events of regime (1985-1993), containing all the memoranda and decision of the Armed Forces Ruling Council (AFRC), reports from the various universities, Papers of the Federal Executive Council, Verbatim Reports of the numerous tribunals and commissions, monographs, security reports and even annual budgets, all of which were to be carefully catalogued on the website and made available for visitors and researchers.

This project was so important to IBB that he made sure it was handled by Alhaji Muazu H. Wali, the Chief Librarian of the Federation (Wali was three years ahead of IBB while in school). But for visitors entering the museum, there was one thing caught everyones attention. It was a massive photograph, and peering in it, one could see three people: an unnamed man, Babangida and Vatsa, the soldier-poet from Gulu-Vatsa Village in Lapai Local Government Area of Niger State. It was the picture of their graduation day from the military school.

Safiya, Vatsas wife would later say that her husband was killed by his intimate friend, classmate and saviour. At a time when the Vatsa family threatened to provide evidence to show that Vatsa was wrongly killed, IBB fired back saying he would also provide documents that showed Vatsas culpability in the coup plot.

In April 2004, General Babangida stated in an interview with the Channels Television that he had no regrets and that Vatsa had to die according to the laws stipulated for coup plotters at that time and that if he was not executed, it would be setting a dangerous precedent.

In June 2004, Jonathan Vatsa, the National Coordinator, National Coalition for Atiku 2007 and the youngest brother of the late Vatsa told journalists at a press conference at the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ) Center in Bauchi State. He said:





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“If I was involved in that coup and it flopped, I would’ve been shot too. We made the law, others suffered the consequences.”
IBB on Vatsa
Credits: Arewa History.

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